About ISPL

Welcome to the Intelligent Signal Processing Laboratory (ISPL) of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Korea University.

ISPL's research focuses on investigating image/video and acoustic/speech processing, speech recognition and understanding, aerial robot perception, video big data analytics, and motion tracking.

Research at ISPL is centered on developing the fundamental intelligent algorithms through advanced statistical modeling, exploiting novel signal processing theory, and exploring machine intelligence techniques, all in an effort to realize the demands of advanced information-technology. ISPL draws upon a wide range of research experiences as indicated by the active journal publications in areas such as image and acoustics/speech signal processing, data fusion, pattern recognition and intelligent systems

Its present vision is focused to develop algorithms capable of human-robot interactions, video big data analytics, robot perception, intelligent surveillance achieved by the integration of a multiplicity of interface technologies including images, acoustic/speech, and motion tracking.


Contact Info

Mailing Contact Professor Hanseok Ko, Lab Director
Intelligent Information and Signal Processing Lab
Engineering Bldg. Rm.419 or Rm 439
Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, Korea University
5ka-1 Anam-dong, Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul, 136-713, KOREA
Labs Intelligent Signal Processing Lab. Room 439, Engineering Building, Tel)+82-2-927-6115
Intelligent Information Processing Lab. Room 401, New Engineering Hall, Tel)+82-2-926-2909
Intelligent Signal Processing Research Center. Room 711, Innovation Building , Tel)+82-2-3290-4995
Fax +82-2-3291-2450