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Investigates various Speech signal processing schemes for acoustic modeling so that more robust speech recognition can be achieved. Our aim is to perform the state-of-art research providing effective means for achieving:


 Speaker Verification : From Research to Reality

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 Speaker Verification : From Research to Reality


1. Introduction

2. Procedure of Speaker Verification

3. Features for speaker Verification

4. Applications


1. Introduction        

  1.1 Speaker Recognition : the process of automatically recognizing who is speaking on the basis of individual information included in speech waves which can be classified into identification and verification.

  • Speaker Identification : the process of classifying an unlabeled input voice sample as one of a group of known speakers. (N possible outcomes)
  • Speaker Verification : the process of verifying whether an unknown speaker is the person as claimed. (2 possible outcome - Accept or Reject)

  1.2  Speaker Verification :: speech modalities

  • Text-Dependent Speaker Verification
  • Text-Independent Speaker Verification
  • Text-Prompted Speaker Verification


2. Procedure of Speaker Verification         



  2.1 Enrollment(Training) process


  2.2 Verification process

  • Two types of errors
    • False Rejection Rate(FRR) : incorrectly reject a speaker
    • False Acceptance Rate(FAR) : increctly accept an imposter


3. Features for speaker verifcation        

  3.1 Key information of speaker verification

  • Vocal tract
  • Glottis : effect on pitch, voiced sounds, fundamental frequency
  • Nasal cavity
  • Organization of teeth, plate, lip’s effect etc.

  3.2 Analysis of the inherent speech information : Feature extraction

  • Short-term, long-term spectrum
  • Energy, fundamental frequency etc.
  • Parameter transformation to separate the speaker’s identity


4. Applications       

  • Access Control : Physical facilities, Computer networks and websites
  • Transaction Authenitcation : Telephone banking, Remote credit card purchases
  • Speech Data Management : Voice mail browsing, Speech skimming
  • Personalization : Intelligent answering machine, Voice/device customization
  • Law Enforcement : Forensics, Home parole


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