Ph.D. CEng, IET Fellow
Professor, School of Electrical Engineering
Director, Intelligent Signal Processing Research Center


Email : hsko@korea.ac.kr
Phone : +82-2-3290-3239
Fax : +82-2-3291-2450
Mailing Address
: Engineering Bldg. Room 419 or 439  School of Electrical Engineering,
                     Korea University, 5ka-1 Anam-dong, Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul, 136-713, KOREA


Hanseok Ko holds a position of full Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Korea University, Seoul. Dr. Ko received B.S. degree from Carnegie Mellon University in 1982, M.S. degree from the Johns Hopkins University in 1986 and Ph.D. degree from the Catholic University of America in 1992, all in electrical engineering. Dr. Ko joined the faculty of the Electrical and Computer Engineering , Korea University, in 1995 and became tenured full professor in 2002. He was a Visiting Professor in the ECE Dept, Johns Hopkins University in 2001 and the CS Dept, University of Maryland in 2009. During his tenure as faculty at Korea University, Dr. Ko has been credited as the main developer of core audio/speech interface for Hyundae/Kia Motors. He also served as the Chair of the ECE Dept in 2002~2004 and the Dean of Information and Computer Technology Office of Korea University in 2004~2006. Since 2008, Dr. Ko has been serving as the Director of STW-KU Intelligent Signal Processing Research Center, sponsored by Samsung, to engage research on image/vision enhancement and multimodal technologies for surveillance (perception) camera applications. Dr. Ko has authored / coauthored over 500 papers in signal processing area and 65 patents are either issued or pending in US and Korea. His professional interests include image/speech/acoustic signal processing and enhancement for pattern recognition, multi-modal analysis for human-machine interface, video-based big data analytics, machine intelligence, and aerial robot perception. Dr. Ko has served as an Editor for SWJ and E-Bridge journals, officer for the IEEE Seoul Section, was a founding member of the JCN, and currently serves as the President of the Acoustical Society of Korea.


  • President, Acoustical Society of Korea (ASK)
  • IET Fellow
  • The Scientific World Journal (SWJ) Editor
  • JCN (Journal of Communication and Networks) Editor, Founding Member
  • IEEE Senior Member
  • Life Member of IEEK (Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea)
  • Korea Institute of Communication Sciences Council Member
  • Chair, Unmanned Aerial Robot Group, Korea University (Jointly with Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Chair, Video Big-Data Group, Korea University (Jointly with George Washington University)
  • Chair, Human-Robot-Interface Group, Korea University
  • Dean, Information and Computing Technology Office, Korea University (2004~2006)
  • Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept, Korea University (2002~2004)
  • Speech Science of Korea Council Member
  • IEEE Seoul Section Treasurer (2003)
  • Korea University IT Incubation Center - Director (1999-2000)
  • General Organizing Chair, IEEE AVSS (Advanced Video and Signals for Surveillance) 2014
  • General Organizing Chair, IEEE DSP-in-Vehicle 2013
  • Program Organizing Chair, IEEE MFI (Multisensor Fusion and Integration) 2008
  • Marques' Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 2005-2007


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